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The grape-wine process is mostly manual – a year-round cycle that includes crushing the grapes, fermenting, filtering, blending, bottling, and labeling. 
No wine is bottled from bulk storage until there is a need or sold until it has at least one year of aging because, to quote an old adage, "Life is too short to drink bad wine." Manual operation of producing quality wines by using old world technologies, coupled with some modern equipment and innovations, creates wines that have a "true taste of the grape."

There are no salaried or paid workers at the Winery. All production, distribution, marketing and tours are performed using volunteers. Of course 
there are some side benefits to working in a small winery. Besides the free wine tasting held after production runs, there is the camaraderie and fellowship found only through a cooperative effort such as this.

Visitors are welcome to join a conducted tour along with tasting various wines and an opportunity for purchasing. Winery tours are available by appointment only. The Waldensian Heritage Winery is available for parties, meetings, reunions, wedding events or any scheduled gathering of friends. Any of these can be booked by calling the winery at 828-879-3202.

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